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What is Coaching and where lies the difference that I am referring to?

Congratulations for contemplating to take this journey! I look forward to working with you and supporting you in achieving whatever it is you really want. This document is designed to help you understand the nature of coaching, how it may be different from counselling and therapy. This introduction will also show you how to get the most from our working partnership.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Through regular coaching sessions, my clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words, and actions, accordingly. As your coach, I work with you to identify what you want personally and professionally. I aim to support you in achieving a life – present tense - that you really want and love. Having a life you love starts with gaining clarity on your values, enabling more meaningful choices and consistent action. Your commitment to your life through coaching offers a means for more balance, intimacy, energy, focus, action and positive results in every area of your life including financial abundance.

How is Coaching different from Therapy or Consulting and why do I highlight this difference?
Coaching is not therapy, which goes into depth about various issues, usually dealing with the past, nor is it consulting which generally results in giving the client answers. Coaching is more action-oriented and focuses primarily on the present and future. As your coach I enable you to determine your own “answers” through the work done in our coaching partnership. This partnership can also work for you if you are one of many time-poor individuals who enjoy the prospect of multi-tasking.
Here the multi-task project is ‘You’. If you are an individual that would like to get more out of the little time available and combine a coaching session with a healthy walk or jog around the local park than I’d be happy to accommodate you.
Research has shown that changing the environment and fresh air combined with an increased heart rate supports and enhances a clear thinking process. Hence the coaching process will take on a new dimension for you and from which you will benefit almost instantly.

Who works with a Coach?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and people in transition are some of the people who typically work with a coach. Regardless of their professional endeavor or place in life, all of my clients have one thing in common: they are all successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals who want to get even more out of their lives. What professional athlete hasn’t used a coach to win? Andrew Murray, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton to name but a few are already one of the best in their individual field, and yet each understands the value that comes from having someone work directly with them, someone to point out things they can’t see, someone to keep encouraging and challenging them to achieve the greatest potential. That’s who I am for you. Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life

As your Coach I will:
Persuade you to set goals that you truly want Ask you to do more than you may have done on your own. Show you how to focus better in order to produce results more quickly, provide you with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more.

Anticipated benefits when working with a Coach
Importantly, coaching has been proven to work when two thoughts are present and contemplated when:
A > the client is willing to learn, grow, and take action and
B > there is a recognized gap between where he/she is now and where he/she wants to be.

Those two factors are all that is necessary for a successful coaching relationship where you personally can develop a strategy that is right for you, implement a plan of action, and achieve your goals. Anything is possible within our coaching relationship. With a coach you are more likely to take more, better, and smarter.

Our first task together is to find out exactly what you really want for yourself. Once you create objectives that are clearly in line with your personal values and professional vision, you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them.

Have a balanced Life which works well
Professional success is maximized when you enjoy a sense of personal fulfillment and life balance. We will discuss how to be selfish yet responsible, and how to carve out enough time so your life outside of work is exactly the way you want it to be.

Make better decisions
I will help you become focused as you share ideas with me. I will understand you and be subjective enough to want a lot for you, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving. You’ll also find that just talking about your options with someone who really listens is often enough to clarify things.

Reach For More — Much More
When you have a partner you trust, you will reach for much more because you can afford to. Are you ready to think big and really live your life fully? I am a partner who will enable you to take your life wherever you want it to go.

Most people are worth a lot more than they are making. Are you happy with your financial situation? If not, we can look at your possible limiting beliefs about money and address whatever is keeping you from experiencing financial independence.

Have more sustainable energy
Together we’ll identify the things that drain your energy, and create a long-term strategy to eliminate them. In addition, we’ll focus on the things that give you energy, and explore how to maximize their impact. When you are happy, productive, and free from prolonged problems, life is a lot more fun.

How I coach clients
As your coach, I will inquire, encourage, advice, challenge, make requests, and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are your goals, your values and your foremost vision. My focus will be completely on you and what you want in life; I stand for you first and foremost, not just your goals.
The coaching relationship is designed by both of us, and may be refined through ongoing feedback exchange. Even though I am committed to the journey, you will ultimately be responsible for choices made and actions taken in your life throughout the process.

I expect your very Best
We should only be working together if you are ready to do and be your best. If you are not doing your best, I will ask you to do so. If you cannot be your best at the moment, I will understand and do what I can to get you back on route.

I make specific requests
Occasionally, I will make a direct request, such as "Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?” You may accept the request, counter-offer (e.g.: “I can’t do X, but I can do Y”) or decline (rare). I will always support you, whichever way you respond.

I give advice only when you want me to
When I am sure of the situation, and you are open to it, I will make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or go for an opportunity. However, when I am not sure, I will say so. Regardless, use the best of what I say and use your own judgment.

I am direct and forthright but not confrontational
When I hear a funny tone in your voice or notice something amiss, I will ask you about it. Often, it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something. However, I will not confront you; I will merely invite you to take a closer look.

I’m here for you any time!
I want to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, are upset with something (even me or the coaching), are just starting to realize something big, or can't wait to share a breakthrough, please call or e-mail me — anytime.

Your part in this relationship - How to get the most from Coaching
This guide briefly outlines some of the things you can do to maximize the value of your coaching experience.

Focus on what you really want
Coaching works best when you have clear goals that are based on your true values. First, I encourage you to deeply consider what you want your life to look like. Then, identify the void & issues between the way things are now and how you would like them to be. It is not unusual to struggle with this, so if you are unsure about what it is you really want to achieve, coaching is an excellent tool that can provide you with greater clarity and insight.

Double your level of determination and willingness
Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you. Not too much I hope, but perhaps more than you may have been asked recently. I request that you be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and try new beliefs. I will invite you to tell the absolute truth, raise your personal standards, and set higher goals. Ultimately, you need to decide what is best for you; however, the more willing you are to grow, the greater the benefits from coaching.

Come prepared to each of our ‘Coaching Calls’
To get the most value out of the coaching session, I suggest that you prepare a written agenda for each call. This does not have to be a big, time-consuming event, but usually only requires 5-10 minutes. Investing that small amount of time to prepare for the call and e-mailing an agenda to me beforehand, would have a huge impact on our session and your personal level of achievement after such a session.

Do your Homework
Each week you will decide on the actions or goals you want to focus. I expect you to keep the commitments you make and will work with you to make sure you are setting worthwhile, realistic and achievable objectives. If you know that a busy week is ahead, your homework might be as simple as thinking about a new perspective. If you have more time, you might decide to handle a big task. Regardless, I will hold you accountable and encourage you to do your best, regaredless.

Get to know yourself all over ’again’
Working with a sensitive and empathic coach is a healthy way to grow. Most clients hire a coach to work on specific goals, and much of the time focus on these objectives. Yet, with coaching, many clients discover new parts of themselves, and find they can adjust their goals to be more in alignment with who they really are. This discovery process is natural, and you do not need to concentrate on it. Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of PDC coaching ©.

Are you ready to explore? Your thoughts, your ’one & only’ life, your choice!

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