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Wouldn't it be helpful.......

When you engage a Personal Development Coach to work with you on any issue, you are hiring someone to walk with you on your journey. Someone who holds your map - reminds you of your chosen direction and holds the torch to light the way. Ultimately it is a path to self-awareness, and it is always your agenda!

Wouldn't it be helpful to have some support in the short term to help you work through solutions to a problem or a challenge you are facing?

A specific coaching intervention is the application of the coaching process to create solutions to life's challenges. It is a holistic approach in that it embraces the whole person and their quality of life on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
A Personal Development Coach can help an individual in such diverse areas as: career, health, relationships and finances.

Stop a moment and take this short test, asking yourself if you……

Currently face any of life's challenges such as:

>Health & Wellness unbalance e.g :quit smoking; under/over weight?
>Body image concernes?

>Problems and difficulties in motivating yourself?
>Suffering from low self-esteem for any number of reasons?
>Having difficulty with family / friendships?
>Facing career changes?
>Work Life (un)balance?
>Stress at work?

How many of those challenges ring true for you?
Would you like to define a positive strategy dealing with those issues?

Many people hire a Personal Development Coach to work on specific issues such as overcoming low self-esteem or transitioning career issues , whilst others hire a coach to build a solid foundation for themselves.
How might the Personal Development COACHING process actual work?
Building a solid foundation would first include a review of your current situation in key areas: career, health, relationships and finances. Every area is reviewed thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned. There are several approaches that can be used according to your needs. For example a structured and goal-oriented approach to coaching would involve identifying with your PDcoach where changes need to be made and explore options and which action steps might be appropriate. Another approach might be more process-focused, where I, your Personal Development Coach supports you through a process of change. Either way the aim of coaching is to move you into your chosen direction.

The best way to understand how coaching would work for you, and to appreciate a coach's unique style, is to try it. Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.