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People who are self-confident
go after their dreams, they never take ‘no’ for an answer, and are therefore practically assured to get what they want out of life! People with low self-esteem or no self-confidence, on the other hand never believe in themselves enough to build the courage to just “go for it!"

Why should you consider us?

A ‘Coach with a Difference’ i.e. a Personal Development Coach for your personal- as well as your career/business life would help and support you to:

• Increase your confidence fast
• Eliminate limiting beliefs & negative emotions that may be holding you back!
• Rid yourself of that nagging, negative internal voice forever and reach for true inner calm!
• Learn to model confident people by talking and acting like they do!
• Be confident when interacting with people!
• Be confident in asking for what you want!
• Discover the language of confidence!
• Learn how to overcome any obstacle including that of earnings negotiations!

Visualise, for a minute, how your life will change…

What would it mean to you if you felt and became completely unstoppable in every area of your life?

By working with a Personal Development Coach (PDC) you will be encouraged to…

• Create compelling goals that truly drive, inspire, & excite you!
• Discover why self-discipline equals power & confidence!
• Overcome nervousness!
• Eliminate procrastination for good & achieve extraordinary results!
• Experience ease & self-confidence in all social situation!
• Be comfortable with strangers, build rapport & relationships easily, and discover how to make anybody like you!
• Go after your dreams, with power and confidence!
• Feel like you deserve the best in life!
• Dramatically improve your self-image, your health (neutrition, weight -, smoking - and drink issues) & your looks.
• Free yourself from constantly worrying about what people think about you, and eliminate the need for approval!
• Do what you are passionate about! Live your purpose!
• Attract the relationship of your dreams, because you feel you are ready and DESERVE IT!

Ask yourself RIGHT NOW…

• How many opportunities have you missed because you lacked self-confidence?
• How many relationships did you fail to initiate due to your fear of rejection?
• How much of life has passed you by, because you did not have the courage to ask for what you wanted?

I, as your PDC (Personal Development Coach), will guide you through how to overcome shyness and lack of self-belief to become successful in all areas of your life i.e. within your personal intimate relationships and your career related areas of your life.

Using the latest techniques, tools and strategies from diverse fields of psychology, I will help you to reveal and discover your inner potential:

• Imagine how much more money you could be making when feeling total self-confidence!
• Imagine the beautiful relationship you could be in with the confidence to ask out that person you have your eye on.
• Imagine the increase number of new friends and business contacts you could have with enhanced confidence and self-assuredness to introduce yourself when you first meet.


To kick-start your Preparation For Success please feel free to contact us


Case study:

Antonia A. remembers when as a teenager she suffered from painfully low self-esteem due to acne. For almost 8 years she did not go out, did not have any friends (or girlfriends), did not make any money, and was generally miserable…Eventually, she stumbled upon a book by Dr. Robert Anthony, called “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence”. That was her first ever encounter with the world of ‘personal development’.

Dr. Anthony listed the following characteristics of people with low self-esteem, and she exhibited nearly all of them!

Low Self-Esteem indicators

• Need for attention and approval
• Lack of close friends
• Blaming and complaining, fault-finding in others, gossiping 
• Perfectionist , domineering, an aggressive need to win, tries to be ‘better than others’
• Must be ‘right’ all the time, shows bullying tendencies 
• Over-indulgence, greed and selfishness
• Indecision and procrastination
• Putting up a false front
• Rejects herself; thinks is a ‘loser’
• Self-pity; depression; suicidal tendencies
• Ridden with shame, guilt, blame, regret, etc.
• Boastful, Arrogant
• People pleasing, false laughter, name-dropping
• Compulsive drinker, smoker, talker, hobbyist, etc.
• Sloppy appearance, lackluster eyes, grossly overweight, sagging posture
• Tense and nervous
• Timid, weak voice, can’t look others in the eye
• Lives vicariously through children, hero worship, TV, etc.

She knew she wanted to change her life.

How Antonia A. turned her Life around from no Self-Esteem to self assured -Confidence:

She describes how over the ensuing 2 years, she invested in her personal development, by attending seminars, reading books, listening to audio programs and working with a ‘Personal Development Coach’ on a phase by phase strategy plan, meeting her self appointed goals on route. She went from being an un-employed, broke, depressed, former office worker……to becoming financially free at age 26 running her own company and being able to earn ten- times more than she ever though was possible, and having the relationship of her dreams.

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