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Sessions & Consultations

Your very 1st session will involve a complimentary half-hour telephone conversation, Skype or face-to-face session (if Geographic’s allows for this).

If you then decide that you want to embark on a programme and want to ‘prepare to succeed’ with positive changes, we will agree a sequence of 3 initial sessions which we will agree at intervals and frequency to suit your overall commitments.

Session ... Following the initial contact i.e. the complimentary half-hour with us we will set up a 90 minute meeting and consultation. This is when both you and therapist meet and discuss your issue(s) and when you both decide if you will work together. - view our fee schedule -

A range of coaching and consultation packages also made available

All packages are offered at a minimum of 3 initial appointments following your 1st complimentary taster session.

On the Move Coaching:
One hour-long coaching offered in convenient outdoor locations in Central London at times and intervals to suit your lifestyle.

• Heads Up Coaching arrangement:
A series of 3 sessions, each lasting one hour, which you can use anytime over a 3-month period.

Fast-Track Coaching:
Weekly 1-hour meetings which run for a minimum 6-week period or fortnightly for 12 weeks.

Master-Class Coaching:
Monthly in-depth coaching offered over a minimum 3-month period. Each session is 1 ½ hours.

• All Day Sessions (venue of your choice)

Facilitation of Psychometric Tests Feedback consultation such as Questionnaires which may relate to work, career choice, relationship and personality topics

- view our Fee Schedule for packages -

Initial Coaching Period
Although I do not make formal agreements with my clients, I recommend you commit to coaching for a minimum of three to six months. The benefits of coaching build over time. In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, I encourage you to make this commitment to yourself.

How we get talking
We will meet for example by telephone for approximately 60 minutes at agreed intervals. We will typically schedule our calls for the same time and day of the week for the duration of the course. Weeks that we do not have scheduled calls are an excellent time for you to put extra time and effort into achieving your objectives.

It is important for the integrity and value of our coaching partnership that we are open and honest with each other. In this light, what we discuss will remain completely confidential.

Many of my clients have come to me by referral. If our coaching has enabled you to generate the results you want in your life, I ask that you please share your coaching experience with others, and refer me to anyone you know who might be interested in what coaching has to offer. I will happily conduct a complimentary coaching consultation with anyone you refer.

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