Executive and Corporate Coaching:

More recent Testimony:
Brilliant opportunity for personal development of people, teams and a deeper self awareness’ Cliff H.London
‘A real eye opener to untapped potential, effectiveness and efficiency’ M.P. Deat, Hampshire

• Companies wanting the support of a coach in any of the following:
Strategic planning, process re-engineering; creating a compelling vision; launching and developing teams; or
360-degree reviews.
• Human Resources Departments interested in hiring external coaches
• CEO's, executives, managers and other professionals who would welcome a personal development coach for all areas
• Companies looking to launch a coaching initiative within departments
• Companies intending to train their managers to be coaches
• Initiative i.e. workshops to prevent and deal with/or cure burnout

The corporate executive- and business Coaching we provide usually consists of a series of individual sessions,
each lasting between two hours and half a day.

We will work with you to determine:
• Time commitments and requirements for flexibility regarding the use of hours, telephone sessions and access to the coach.
• The feedback and confidentiality contract with the coachee, line manager and the organisation, where appropriate.

After agreeing the subject and focus of the coaching, key priorities and parameters, we initiate a self-audit of
strengths and weaknesses,
perhaps drawing on previously completed 360° or psychometric exercises, to build
realistic coaching goals and outcomes.

To agree targets we specify short- and long-term changes - and milestones for evaluating progress towards them – and identify real work situations where action will be taken.

Session reviews enables the coach to support progress made, and where applicable, to challenge the reality of claimed change, establish evidence, provide feedback and generate new initiatives.

We generally conduct an evaluation after the first three sessions to ensure objectives are being met and the coachee is benefiting from the process.

We can also offer a unique coaching support to plot the coaching journey and to help the coachee to complete their Personal –and-or Business Development Plan.


We are looking forward to hearing from you when you get in touch with us.